The world is in Economic meltdown.
The twentieth century saw the success of capitalism over communism as a solution of provididing , motivating and fairly distributing wealth to all  the far corners of the globe.

Or did it?

Utopia Maybe questions whether we have found the solution , or whether the current crisis could have been avoided and could be avoided in the future by adopting a new approach.

'UTOPIA maybe' is set on an island called ‘Knowhere’ – a combination of the meaning of the word Utopia ( no place ) with the greek word for ‘Knowledge’ . The suffix ‘Maybe’ refers to the inevitable questions that such a statement asks – Can there be a perfect society where there is no crime , people can retire at age 16 , there is no tax , there is no need for a formal benefit system , where people are encouraged to create wealth whilst at the same time philanphropy is encouraged and community and real democracy is cherished .

In order to convey the debate that surround such a radical departure in thinking the way chosen to illustraste this is a debate between the architect of the idea and a sceptic UK minister .

The method used to convey this debate is the Socratic Method – more of which will be discussed .

A lunch takes place in a hotel between the world’s most renowned Economics Adviser  and a  minister from the UK treasury ........ .